Add an option that takes you to any possible errors

This isn’t necessarily for the forum, but the arcade portion of makecode. So basically, whenever there’s an error in your code, the site tells you, but doesn’t elaborate further on where exactly said error is. So I propose a solution. If you were to click/tap or the error message, it should take you to the block/line that’s causing trouble so you can edit or delete it.

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Already exists
click the debugger → run the simulator → game crashes → it shows you the faulty block

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You can do that in debug mode

Doesn’t debug mode already put a little triangle next to broken code in blocks?

Debug mode is underrated I use it all the time to check for broken code and it also shows all the variables, arrays etc… when a block runs if you select it in debug mode.

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OK, I GET IT. IT’S IN DEBUG MODE. the thing is, when I tried using debug mode, all that happened was a bunch of white circles that I could fill in appeared and nothing else.


Do you need help using the debug mode?

You have to push play to make debug mode run! Once you press the button, warning triangles will pop up next to code that is causing errors! /nm