Debugging Capabilities in MakeCode Arcade

I recently noticed that there are a few run-time errors in MakeCode Arcade that occur infrequently for new programmers. Casting errors are commonplace, and stack overflows aren’t out of the question for beginners messing about with functions.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for young kids with only a little experience (the target audience) to find the blocks in which these errors occur - by nature, the code can sprawl over several pages.

Is there a way to have the program highlight or jump to the block in which the run-time error occurred? I feel like this would make the experience of creating more complex programs less off-putting for a younger audience.

Basic example of “sim error: failed cast on null”

Another basic example showing “Program Error: Stack Overflow”.

I apparently missed the debug mode option. It works well, and it found the source of the stack overflow.


Somewhere between the current production beta (0.12.17 5.17.29) and the beta beta (0.14.3 5.21.6), I see the set block shown in the first screenshot is now reporting compile-time errors too with the exclamation mark. That’s great to have an earlier warning to the user.