Adventure game experiment

This was the first game i started working on when I started with MakeCode (half a year before I found the forum). I got some basic functions as walking and animation.
I got an old man that will say that you can talk with him if you come close enough that wil make him start talking (a bit glitchy) I also got a house and neighborhood as different tilemaps
I got score as money(the money symbol moves when you get over a hundred or thousand.
Last I got big unfinished tile map with a little neighborhood and a giant forest( planning to make in to different tilemaps.
I am also planning to make the old man give you an item that will lead you to a treasure in the forest

I also have some dead code for an enemy sprite

Here’s the game by the way

@UnsignedArduino i know you don’t take music requests, but could you please make a house theme, a neighborhood theme and a forest theme

Nice game! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Feel free to come with ideas and help with bug fixing

Sorry, I wouldn’t have the time to create any themes, (and school is starting soon!) plus, as you said I don’t take music requests lol


Thank you @EuJeen

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Ok. At least I tried😅

@UnsignedArduino do you know someone that takes music requests?:thinking:

If anyone wants to help it would be highly appreciated :smiley:

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Sorry, no. :frowning:

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Hi Sonic, I do have some in game Music for your game and i Really liked it. if you would like ill send you the music i chose for it.

Thank you @Albedo-san happy to get some help