Explor part 1

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The concept is nice! There are some bugs though… If you get in the house you disappear… Also if you step on grass the tilemap is not there… I can help you with that! And the art!

what are the bugs

and with art?

can you help me fix the bugs?

Hi! I solved everything! And I added art and improved the maps!

Also you can go in and out of your house now!

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What was the story extension used? I love it! You made nice use of it.

Hey there! I love the beginning of the game. Delightful how I could name myself. However, I’d make the game more clear. I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe some text detailing hints on where to go?

Yes! I will fix them right now!

Thx @DahbixLP

can you guys help me make help me help me @DahbixLP and @Bag3l?

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can you guys help me make explor part 2?

I will code on it later!

I’ll try my best to help. Sorry I didn’t respond, I was on vacation.

Sorry this took an age, I got distracted.

It’s painfully simple and short, but it’s a good starting place. I tried modeling it after the first one, I think I did fine.

can you update because it is to short plz.