Alfie's Adventure v5

Hi everyone!

My first proper share. Alfie is our dog and my inspiration for this. He loves trying to steal cat food and has a strong dislike for squirrels. I used the cat platform video from the makecode site as a basis for the code and then added my own twist. I also tried to add some background music - with limited success.

Big thanks to @Blobiy and @jwunderl for helping me fix a bug

Feedback and any help to improve it would be really appreciated.



Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed playing that. The music is very catchy and I can still hear it playing in my head now, haha. Also, creative use of the squirrels and fireballs!

Wow, awesome! I love the Alfie and squirrel art, and it’s clever how the bushes are slightly disguised as background elements so you have to pay attention to make sure you don’t anger any squirrels!

If you want to keep expanding on the game, some natural extensions might be enemies with different behaviors–a cat that walks back and forth on a specific platform (like the fireballs but horizontal!), or poison ivy that springs up from the grass after you walk over it, or pigeons that shoot projectiles at Alfie.

Another angle might be to add power-ups or items for the player to grab. Something that enables a double jump, or a brief invincibility spell, or an extra life! “Power-ups” might even be mostly aesthetic, so grabbing an item might give Alfie a fancy collar, or a hat or something. :slight_smile:

Excited to see what you come up with next!

hello @LJJames,
I love what you have done with this and the music is oddly made me irritated and calm (i’m not sure how that works). one thing that i have experienced is falling through the walls on level 2, but it was a one time occurrence. otherwise this has been a great experience and hope to see what else you can make.

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Im sorry but i cant speak Chinese but are you saying
“It’s really … great, the details are perfect.”
please tell me if i’m wrong, i’m still learning.

“真的. . . 很棒,细节很棒 .”
如果我错了,请告诉我,我还在学习 .

@LJJames make sure to record a gif of your game when you share it, it will help us when we show case it in the gallery.

Hi @peli - I’m not sure how to record a gif. Can you explain how to do it?

When you are in the sharing dialog, press the circle button to start/stop recording the game into a .gif.

you should make a cat boss fight who mad at alfie for eating all its food!


lovely game! i enjoyed playing it!!! The only other thing I have to say is that, it lags a little bit on my end? I’m not sure whether that’s just me or the game over all but other than that, it’s great! :heart:


I also liked this, also i like how we all go back to games made a long time ago and play the older games people made from months or years back, it’s nice!


my hi score is 263. think you can beat that?