Furry my favourite jump and run

Hello everybody

6 years ago I got a Gamebuino via kickstarter.
here was the starting point for me to extend my programming knowledge which i have collected at the 3d printer.

Unfortunately the project failed due to time constraints and the performance and resolution of the gamebuino was not quite sufficient.

7 weeks ago i stumbled over makercode while googling and i immediately started to revive the project which i had been working on for 6 years.

A kittenbot was also ordered to test it on the hardware.

I would like to introduce the project now as an early alpha as I am at a point where the questions pile up. I hope you can support me in the further course of the project.

The project gives a small remake of the original Furry.
Furry is a little jump and run from Fallen Angel Industries which I played till I dropped in my childhood.



Status today 08.05.2020 (MM/DD/YYY) =]

Map Lvl 1= done
different step height= Done
Swim = Done
Adjust animation swim= in progress
Recognizing enemies Project goal = in progress

Open points:
Texture leaves
Animation death
flexible walls for jumping on branches
damage model project objectives
Damage spikes on the ground
life item
sound explosion bomb
Increase perforation (Tile 2 only runs at 22FPS)

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Hey, this is fun and very beautiful!
It works on Meowbit. Level 1 runs smoothly but level2 has a lower fps.
Still playable but you notice some lag.

Adjust animation swim= Done
gemstone remains next to the counter= Done
Projectile causes damage to hero= Done

Enemies react to projectile= in progress and some Question

How do I make a separate counter (“enemyLife”) for each bumper?

i can program a little bit PLC (Siemens), there is something like a structure here is there something similar at makecode?

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@jwunderl built a small extension to attach lives to sprites I think.

Do you want them to have health that shows up like a health bar, or just health thats stored and hidden from player?

For status bars you can use my status bar extension:

For just storing the data without something showing up on screen, you can use the sprite data extension:

I dont need a HealthBare

i have now tried the " Sprite-Data Extension" but something i do wrong

@jwunderl thanks for the tip with the extension

Hello i can do what i want the first 3 shots are counted correctly all other enemies need only one more shot

I tried this on the featured, and a lot of things were broken. It seems the code was pulled apart randomly.

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hey are you still working on this game? because i really want you to make a update

hello currently I have unfortunately no time for the game.
in addition, I would have to rebuild the game from scratch but unfortunately I also lack the time for this

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