American Sign Language (Game)


Using MakeCode isn’t just for making games but can be used as a learning tool for other subjects. In this example we use the American Sign Language alphabet to quiz students on their knowledge of the letters

Reliable estimates for ASL users range from 250,000 to 500,000 persons, including a number of children of deaf adults.

Navigate using the UP-DOWN, select using the ‘A’ button

This one pushed the limits of how many sprites and how much code I could create and use in one program and still be able to share it. ENJOY!

Thanks @jwunderl & @jedgarpark with your spirte/image array help!!


This is awesome Vidget!

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Thanks @shaqattack8

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Really great project, @Vidget! I picked it as Game of the Week
I was curious about the development – how did you create the excellent illustrations? Are you using it in a classroom setting?

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I used Photoshop with a custom MakeCode swatch palette. The illustrations are creative commons. I created a program in Visual Studio to convert .bmp’s that I make in Photoshop to MakeCode friendly JavaScript code. This was before I found the online tool to do the same. Thanks for your help in making this possible with the array help. With so many sprites I had to limit what It could do. I wanted to make a program where the user could type a word and then the game would sign the letters back, but this wasn’t possible. Also, it’s vidget, like widget, but my name is Greg!


If one presses a button before the end of the splash screen, selectionIcon is not defined yet and it blows up :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to fix. Maybe I can just destroy the sprite without particles?

Maybe time to do a brainpad boot sequence package? (like

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Congratulations, your game is on the community page!