Anatidae (BETA)


  • What is ‘Anatidae?’
    Anatidae is an adventure style game where you are a curious explorer dropped into an unknown environment. Anatidae, or ‘ducks’, seem to roam three of the four current areas. Some seem harmless, but tread carefully adventurer, I wouldn’t trust those little eyes…
  • Why do the ducks look like that?
    The ducks are based off of real life ducks I have collected over the years. They each have detailed backstories and identities that you will very soon learn, through the ingame book and lore, through game images, or through art!
  • How do I play?
    WASD or arrow keys to move, Spacebar to interact, Enter to sprint, and Menu to check the adventurer’s book. Note that most interactions in this beta stage require precise placement of the player and may not work sometimes, this shall be fixed in the real release!
  • What if I have more questions?
    Go ahead and ask me in the topic below! I will be releasing more versions of the game whenever I feel like it, as this is only a passion project! I do not want to stress myself out with deadlines.
    So go complain about the bugs already so I can fix em!! -D-<>

add a green duck(if you have one i cant seem find it lol)


Pi duck is green, or atleast is wearing a green jersey!


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Cleaned code
  • Duck walking animations
  • Improved spawning system
  • Fix game-crashing glitch in zone 2 (Due to statusbars of course ugh)
  • Make ducks attack you (Need to fix statusbars first)
  • Tutorial
  • Loading screen

I love the vast array of colours! What did you do?

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I changed the colours to fit the real life models, most notably adding red-orange, gold, and gray (+ made the teal a sky blue) ! I think these fit better than those bland purple shades that are normally there