Animal Photos

Trying to make an animal game from arcade advanced

omg I wanna play this so badly but it won’t load for me D: even in beta. It seems like it’s confused about tiles… @richard does this have to do with the new tilemap changes?

I know I tried loading it too. It took a long time and it still didn’t load

@livcheerful we’re you on the twitch livestream when you made this game. I follow the twitch and was watching you guys tutorials

Yeah, so this is one of the cases I mentioned where projects created in beta might not work forever. We made a breaking change that broke this script and you were unlucky enough to have created this project while we were breaking things.

I fixed it for you! Here’s the updated project:


Btw, I tried playing your photo game that you made but it wouldn’t load as well

Thx @richard

ahaha yes I was driving that day XD Our stream version might be able to work if you import it in beta!

AHHH thanks Richard :open_mouth: I like that your flamingo was the only one of the originals to survive XD

Thanks for doing livestreams on twitch. I’ll see if I could watch the livestream tommorow.
i believe it is at 1pm eastern right?

1pm pacific!

4pm eastern? I’m in the eastern side

Yes! We’re three hours apart D:

I guess I’ll join the livestream today