Animal Sound - can anyone make an animal sound on make code?

can anyone provide a makecode to replicate any animal. dog? cat? bird?

Hi @Momo2023 ,

Here are two options you may want to try:

  1. Add the “pxt-billy” extension, which is for generating speech/voice:
    a. Open a new project.
    b. Click on the +Extension
    c. Paste in the URL: , hit Enter, and select the “Billy” tile to add it.
    d. Play with it…There may be some combination of voice settings and pronunciations that sound animal-like.

The Billy extension doesn’t have a traditional set of “Help” pages like other blocks, but there is a README that describes what the blocks do and how they work (and provides links to further descriptions) here: . Here’s an example project:

  1. If you’re working with a micro:bit v2, you can try recording sounds:
    a. Open the Beta version of the editor:
    b. Click on “+Extension” and add the “audio-recording” extension
    c. Use the blocks in the “Record” toolbox to record and play sound back.

Good luck!

is there any text-to-speech program i can use for a v1 micro:bit?