Any text to speech extension for V1.5 micro:bits?

i really need it one.

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have a look at …

Hope this is helpful


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it… didnt work.

buuuutt, i made my own text to speech thingy that speaks turkish.
it was easy to make because all the letters has only one way to spell, unlike english.

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Sorry it didn’t work .
I’ve used it before successfully, but not for some time so I will have a look at it again .

What errors or symptoms were you getting when you tried to use it ?

Your Turkish text to speech sounds interesting, any plans to share it in case others can make use of it ?

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the error said that my version is unable to use this program. this means that the extension is actually made for V2 micro:bits. and also, i made an extension for the turkish text to speech. here it is: (the second input is the pitch of the voice.)

most TTS will fail to be compatible with micro bits in different circumstances, hence it’s better to create an API using open source projects from GitHub or base it on an already existing text to speech AI model (I did it for a low-code project some months back, works wonders!)