Animation extension with a function

Hi I have a student who is creating a game where he is trying to use an animation extension with a function. He is getting an error that says “cannot an invoke an expression whose types lack a call signature. Type ‘animation’ has no compatible call signatures.” He said it was working with the function for a minute and then it stopped working. Can someone advise me if his walkingDown and walkingUp function is possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ketheredge,

Some very quick 'n dirty suggestions for changes:

  1. The main error you reported was due to the function animations calling the undefined/non-existing functions walkingDown and walkingUp, instead of the defined functions walkingDown2 and walkinUp2`.
  2. Then just streamlined and made consistent the name of the various animations in the create animation of Idle/walkingUp/walkingDown with interval..., attach animation and activate animation blocks.
  3. Then moved around attach animation, activate animation and stop all animations blocks to coincide with the button presses and release of the up button.

Not very much thought through and probably with a lot of potential for improvement from my side, but, at least, it now kind of works ok…

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Thanks so much @Vegz78!

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