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Animations NOT WORKING

Hi! So I’m making a platform game on Microsoft Makecode Arcade. I watched the videos to help me get an understanding. But for some reason when I make a fall animation when I land on the ground y sprite keeps switching between base position and the fall animation. Also when I tried to make my sprite have a walking animation it doesn’t work.


there is an extension for the character animations which makes this so much easier

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but if you are not use this and are just using the built in animation then you should use the volocity of x and y ex: when the volocity of x is positive then play the walking animation right and then vise versa.
so when the y volocity is going down the falling animation will play

@Purp13 is right, the character-animations extension is the way to go!

@469927 can you share a link to your code? Here’s a GIF showing how to do that:

2022-01-11 10.49.58


wait let me post the link again.