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[Announcement] Climate Crisis Game Jam

Climate Crisis Game Jam

Hey folks!

It’s time for another GAME JAM! This time, we’re partnering with the US State Department to bring you a very special jam with the theme of Climate Crisis. Find out more at the official game jam page.

Remember, any game you submit must involve this theme in some way. Here are some examples that work well with this theme:

  1. A flying game where you pilot a fire-fighting airplane and spray water to put out forest fires

  2. A pollution clearing game where you clean up a local forest, lake, or coastline

  3. A recycling game where you sort items into bins based on the type of material they’re made from

  4. A game where you play a gust of wind that needs to help a wind farm produce energy

You’ll have until December 17th to submit your game, so get coding!

Once again, for a complete list rules and a link to submit your game, check out the official game jam page at


Game Jam Time!!!


I was going to do a super mario sunshine 2d, but that would be a lot of code and the sprites would probably have to be changed (like last time mini game jam when I did the donkey kong country reskin). I’ll think of something cool though…


save the enviorment :smiley:


Sneak peak of mine
arcade-Rain-or-Shine (2)
arcade-Rain-or-Shine (1)


cool! when are the submisssions coming out

I need ideas! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think i might be back to coding



(dont mind the points I was just testing)

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My game is almost complete! (If I don’t add more things), but for now, I just have to ad UI and a level system!

My game →


I can’t get audio working for some reason, and can’t decide if it’ll just be one mini-game, or a series of mini-games… anyways, here’s what I’ve got so far: POLLUTA PONG

Original Pong game is (c) Atari. I used code from Comander22793’s version.

Part of the problem of the climate crisis is that we’re not all pulling in the same direction. While governments have been super slow to respond, some corporations continue to this day to lobby to delay or even destroy climate action laws which don’t suit their plans.

All feedback MOST welcome! I’ll try work on the game some more this weekend.

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I’ve added an intro using the story and timer extensions, and figured out how to create releases on github:

Still haven’t figured out why audio’s not working (anybody else have that issue with makecode arcade recently?). Feedback most welcome!

I found a glitch, if the ball goes to the corner and you touch the ball when it is nearly destroyed, it will get softlocked out of the map.

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But nice idea of using the ball as the climate action laws and when you miss, it represents that you destroyed / delayed a climate action laws.

Why do yo say the audio is not working? I hear the beeps during your cut scene, so it’s working. The game itself you haven’t added any sound/music. That’s why it’s silent.

Thanks LCProCODER ! I’ll work on it this weekend. I think I’ll turn the pong game around to regular left-to-right format btw.

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I removed all the sounds, cause I couldn’t hear them… and I’m not hearing that beep in the cut scene (thought I’d removed all sounds??). Hmm… I guess it’s my setup.

How do you get that cover image?