[Announcement] Forum Changes

Hey everyone,

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re making some changes to the way our forums work. We want folks to be able to get help and share their MakeCode projects, but the forum has grown far beyond our expectations. In order to ensure that content is properly moderated, we are requiring that all posts be approved by an admin before they appear on the forums.

We understand that this will slow down conversations, but we want to make sure that everyone is safe and that we are able to help all users who have questions. Thank you for your understanding.

The MakeCode Team


So that’s why I had to wait for my response to be approved!

Does this mean if there’s no admins available at the moment, messages will be looked through at a later time when there is an available admin?

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Maybe you could just have the responses be automatically approved after 24 hours, so if for some reason none of the admins are online for a couple days, then it wouldn’t halt conversations. Then again, the team is really active anyway so this might not be necessary.


But, it is very fast. I just posted and a took about 15 seconds.


Sometimes it takes a little bit longer, it depends


We try our hardest!


Yes, unfortunately for now it does mean there could be a bit of a wait, but we try to be responsive.


If the intent of the approval system is to prevent (bad) messages, I’m afraid that after approval you can easily edit a post to become this…

At the moment, there’s also a delay on edits. We’re aware that the system isn’t foolproof, but we need to do what we can to keep our younger users safe.

Fortunately, our forum is made up of some pretty great people. Our hope is that if someone edits a posts in an attempt to be malicious, someone else will let us know pretty quickly.


Hmm… These changes are pretty good for… well I don’t know how to say it. Security in text? You guys also removed the level 1, 2, 3, and 4 with all the things except for the makecode team members. You guys are possibly the only ones who could change the posts to be honest so I don’t think that could be a problem

Just had a thought, what if you gave some people that are well trusted and are often active in the forum to help with approving messages? I dunno, i just thought maybe it could help and stuff!


This is definitely something we’ve considered! For now, the plan is to try out this post approval system for a few weeks and see how it goes–if it gets too slow or the team is having trouble keeping up, we will work on finding a better solution.


It’s normal

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