[Announcement] Game Jam Winner Announcement Stream!

Game Jam Announcement Livestream

Join us for a very special MakeCode Arcade Livestream where we’ll be announcing the winners of the MakeCode Arcade Time Jam!

We’ll also be playing through all of our favorite games that you submitted! It’s going to be a fun time, so make sure you tune in!


oh I can’t wait! Will it be available on YouTube?

Yup, all of our steams usually end up on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/c/MicrosoftMakeCode/videos

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The Youtube stream seems to be working a lot better than the Twitch stream.

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ooooo interesting working better how?

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I think connection wise- or something like that :thinking:

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Yes, I couldn’t get a connection on Twitch. It just buffered after the first few seconds. People on the chat were complaining about lag. I was able to view the video on Youtube with no problems.

It was raining on my dish, so my connection wasn’t at its best.