[Announcement] Help us make a game!

Hey folks,

Next week, we’ll be working on a single game during our livestream for the whole week.
“But Richard, what kind of game?” you might be asking. Well, I DON’T KNOW 'cause you’re gonna choose it!

We’ve prepared a few options for you to choose from:

  1. An RPG game where you walk around and fight by playing minigames (think Undertale)
  2. A building/crafting game where you break down resources and build stuff (think Terraria)
  3. A platformer with multiple levels and boss fights (think Megaman)
  4. A monster collecting game (a.k.a. Sucromon 2)

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We’re going to be posting to the forum every day with requests for characters, sprites, and ideas! That’s right! You are going to help us make this one. We’ll add a credits screen to the game with the usernames of everyone who participates.

This event will be running from January 25th, 2021 to January 29th, 2021. The stream will be at our usual time: 1:00 PM PT on twitch.tv/msmakecode, Twitter, and YouTube.

Game Type
  • RPG
  • Building/Crafting
  • Platformer
  • Monster Collector

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- The stream team


Well, I choose:

One idea: infinite terrain

@GameGod sorry, I left out the poll. It’s there now!

I would like an RPG kind of game. The experience would be 90% custom to the player. Thing D&D but a video game. The player should be able to choose different routes, like increasing dexterity, or increasing physical strength. I’ve always wanted to make something like this but have never had the brain power. Another example is Sovereign one youtube. The creators could take inspiration from how the player can chose their base fighting/combat style (ranged, melee, two handed, etc)

Or, a level based, procedurally generated platformer, where each level will have unique rules, like different enemies, different gravity, unique interesting mechanics that can help the player, etc

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Hey, I know you! You’re the one who tried my OS game!

I had an Idea! All of them! Mainly you live in a world and there are zombies and monsters that will follow you and you can slice them up with your sword! You can build your house to protect yourself against monsters! Then there are dungeons which you can explore and loot(They spawn randomly around the world!) (Platformer)! Then there are Bosses that spawn random on the world and if you get too close you will get in a fight! This fight could be liek a platformer or birdsview! (Inspiration: Stardew Valley, Rust and Ark (and even more))

:sob: i’m the only one who voted platformer

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i just realized this will be streaming the DAY before my b-day

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I like undertail! Can you make a game similar to under and with more endings than the 3 original ones.

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i would also love an undertale game


moster collecting game sucromon?
The moster collecting game for defect is pokemon!

Agree but a little more simple and fun.Not that we’re gonna make it impossible but 99% agree

Yeah so we have to use the code system with no cutscenes

Uhm… so I was coding in the new release and tried to edit my tilemap. I can edit it but I can not switch pages in the tiles…

As you can see there are no arrows… I can not acces the other tiles… just the first page

Do control -.

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this is a bug! One way you can work around it is if you do Ctrl - (minus) like what GameGod said to zoom out the whole website. If you want to zoom back in, you can do Ctrl +

Oh OK thx!

Hey folks, make sure you tune in to twitch.tv/msmakecode in 49 minutes! We’ll be starting the game today.


:sob: i can’t **Ggiscool fell from a great height while wearing all netherite armor and died because bad luck was chasing him **