[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Mini Game Jam #11 - Five second games redux!

EDIT: thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the finished game here!

Hey folks!

This month we’re going back in time to our very first game jam. That’s right! We’re making Five second games!

You might be asking: “What!? A game that only lasts for FIVE SECONDS? How can that possibly be fun?”

Well, don’t panic, friend! Each game will indeed only be five seconds long, but we’re going to be combining them together at the end of the jam into one SUPER GAME!!! This is going to be one giant collaboration between everyone who enters. For an example of what the finished game might look like, here’s what we created last time we did this:

(I’ll be making this one a little bit fancier though :wink:)

Template Project

To make sure all of the games are consistent, we’ve made a template project for you to start with. All entries into this jam MUST use this template project!

To open this template, follow the link and press “Edit Code”. Make sure you change the name to something that describes your game!

Inside this template, you’ll see a “Game Jam” category in the toolbox with some blocks that you can use in your code and some sample code to show how they work. You can delete all of the blocks in the template project. They’re just there as an example.

Code Restrictions

We have a few extra code restrictions for this jam to make it easier to stitch the games together at the end:

  1. All games must use the template project above
  2. All games must use the “start mini game with verb” block in their code
  3. All games must use the “set mini game win state” block in their code
  4. The following blocks are not allowed:
    1. game over
    2. reset game

Otherwise, you can use any extensions/blocks you like!


  1. Games should be built in MakeCode Arcade
  2. Games should clearly adhere to the theme without the need for any extra explanation
  3. Keep the games PG: no NSFW, offensive, or excessively violent content.
  4. You must be at least 9 years old to participate.
  5. All games must be submitted by someone who is at least 13 years old. Younger students are welcome to participate, but it must be in partnership with an adult and with parent permission.

You have two weeks to enter! The jam will close at 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, May 15th 2023

Submit your games by posting them in this thread!


Since there are a few extra rules this time around, I’ll be making a sample game for this jam on the Wednesday livestream this week. I will add the YouTube video to this thread afterwards, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!


Never thought I’d ever see part 2


Why does it have different left and right padding :sob: :sob: :sob:


I’m still rooting for six-second game jam.


oh it’s because i didn’t want to redraw the numbers


alrighty, here you go: https://arcade.makecode.com/S45268-36435-20730-05615
it uses the scrolling extension.


capture the flag but you are a pirate (yar)!


I’m SO entering!!! :crazy_face:


Here’s my 5-second minigame: Connect All! (I tried to make it a WarioWare-style title)

This game is inspired by a game that I played on my smartwatch at one point, called “Connection” (also a mobile game). But that game (at least on my watch) had very few levels then repeated them (this type of thing is bad for any game’s longevity).

This game that I made is a 5-second game, which I found fits the format really well! In the game you must move the dot to connect all the dots (make them red), but you can’t overlap with already-red dots. I originally had 1 level but figured I would add a bunch (level design is fun) and a random one is picked (with a unique feature of the player being able to begin in different places within a single level).


The title, just like in my other Don’t Press the Button game, is self-explanatory! Just don’t press the button, and everything will be fine!


Dumb ways to die throwback


Sorry! I keep doing this when I need to submit something…

THAT is my submittion. The success criteria was messed up.


No regrets for what I’m going to Submit.

The limitation to it being so hard is the fact that it’s only five seconds long :confused:


A hard game, but i got success :partying_face:


@richard, since these games are so short, would it be okay to submit two instead of one?


@Blobbey absolutely!

though I do want to make sure that people don’t submit extra games “just because”. if anybody submits a second game, please make sure it’s different than your first one and that you put some extra effort in to making it cool!


Okay, definitely! Just to clarify, @richard: if I make another game, (a totally different, new one) it will also be put into the collective game at the end, right?


Noice! Now the question is…

Which is harder? My game or yours :smiling_imp: