[Announcement] MakeCode help desk!

Hey folks!

Do you have any projects that you’re stuck on? Or maybe you have some questions you want to ask the MakeCode team? Well get ready because next Thursday (January 26th) we’re going to be bringing back the MakeCode Help Desk segment of our livestream!

This is a chance for you to bring us your questions and the MakeCode developer team will do our best to answer them. Can’t make it live? Well, you can also post any question you want answered as a reply to this thread and I will post a link to the recording afterwards.


Are there any code-efficient ways to create an 8-directional system like in Super Metroid? All the methods I worked with ended up having a huge toll on the editor.

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How to stop lag

Will there be another big Game Jam and if so, will there be one soon?

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I feel like I’ve asked this before…but:

Tilemaps with layers? You can selectively hide and show layers, and then have overlap events when you overlap a tile on a certain layer.


How do you create slabs, ceilings, or floors in Raycasting?