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[Announcement] Tags enabled!

Hey everyone! We’ve given everyone the ability to tag your own posts, so here is a quick guide to our tags, and Discourse tags in general:

Tag directory

These are tags that anyone can use, along with some brief examples of content for each! You can have multiple tags on a post, so there may be some overlap between categories.

art Sprite art, drawings of characters from your games, sprite packs that other people can use, generative art, etc
educator Content for educators who are teaching with MakeCode
extension MakeCode extensions
game A shared game that other users can play
graphics-and-math Procedurally generated trees, fractal art, 3D renderers, etc
make Cardboard Arcade cabinets, milk carton robots, all the awesome maker projects built with MakeCode
tool Tools for MakeCode users. The streamer tool, or a site to convert PNGs to sprite art are both examples
tutorial Tutorials for coding, or using MakeCode, or making art, or anything else you can imagine
video Video posts

Game genre tags

Things tagged with game should have a share link in the post. If you’ve added the game tag to your post, you will be able to add sub tags to define the genre:


If you haven’t added the game tag, these will not show up. The current genres are:

  • adventure
  • metroidvania
  • platformer
  • puzzle
  • rhythm
  • rpg
  • shmup
  • story
  • survival

Admin-only tags

These are tags that only admins can add to a post.

featured-game Games tagged with featured-game will be pulled onto the MakeCode homepage in the Community row
game-jam Information about game jams that we are hosting
hour-of-code Details and announcements about the CS Education Week Hour of Code
makecode-helpdesk Announcements and recaps of MakeCode Helpdesk live streams

Don’t see the tag you want?

Let us know in this post! We’re still playing with this system and would love to hear feedback as we adjust. :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks so much for taking my idea into consideration!