Games gallery: an alternate view for games posted to these forums

Here’s a thing I made recently:

It’s an alternate, gallery view of games posted to these forums. It’s driven entirely by data in the forums (and links back here often), but it puts the focus on the games.

Since it’s driven by this forum, your new game posts and likes will start showing up automatically—so keep posting awesome things.

I hope you enjoy exploring over there. I’d love to hear any feedback you have!



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This is a great way to expose the talent of the community, very well done.

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Will we have to tag our posts with game like # + game?

The topics do have to get tagged with the #game tag, but I don’t think the tagging is done by the post authors.

I think only forum moderators can apply the tags to topics.


I think that’s true. I’ve tried doing what the makecode moderators do with all the hashtag stuff

Either way keep up the excellent quality writing.

Hm. I’m not sure I know whose writing you’re referring to… but if it’s me, thanks!

… like, writing games, or words, or… ?

Some games don’t show up if they are not tagged “game”. Maybe you could search the forum for makecode links?

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Yeah, it’s tough.

I definitely want the gallery to be more about playable games, rather than programs people were having trouble with and were posting for debugging help or whatever.

But I have considered pulling in other types of content under different categories. Like the live streams …

Sometimes also it does take time for new things to get tagged. Stuff that comes in on the weekend, for instance, tends to remain untagged until the work week.

Are there specific examples of games you think are getting missed?

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For example, multiple similar games posted in the same topic.

Also, if you can, (you don’t have to) can you help here? It is urgent.

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Ah. Yes.

I do only look at the first post in a topic. I could expand that search to include replies…

Should it only pick up replies by the original poster, or is any reply with a game link valid? Should op’s links overwrite each other or should each create a new game?

Sorry, currently on a phone. Not great for finding bugs…

Others might edit the game to include extra features, and those edits might be very similar to the actual game, so probably not.

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I like this! It’s better than scrolling through a mixture of games and debug programs and comments about all of them!

Maybe you should only be able to have one game per topic, like for example my Decked Out game, I have a v1 and a v0.7.3 so far. Maybe you could use regex and/or some clever string and integer manipulation that will pull out 1.0.0 and 0.7.3 from the titles Decked Out v1.0.0 and Decked Out v0.7.3 **BETA** and choose the higher one and replace the older one. But this relies on the fact that people will version their game links. If they don’t, I would default to the most recently posted one by the original poster, in case someone else was to modify it and post their own version.

I apologize for shamelessly advertising my game.

Not. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you could post my game in the Games gallery.

Shark Frenzy - Arcade / Show & Tell - Microsoft MakeCode

I have just posted this 18H ago, so maybe it will appear automatically.

If you are looking to filter certain games, or where you find them, I think anything that is posted under the category ‘Show & Tell’ might be a good place.

Shark Frenzy looks amazing! (Though I haven’t actually played it yet. :grimacing: )

The games gallery should automatically pick it up once the topic is tagged with the #game tag. I know you included that in your post body, but Discourse doesn’t use that for the tagging. I think only forum moderators can tag topics. (rumor has it @shakao often does it)

On the home page of games gallery (, under the indented sections beneath the page headings, you can find links to the queries that it actually runs against Discourse. Here’s the search query for the latest games:

Once Shark Frenzy starts showing up there, it should start showing up on games gallery.

… now, off to go try your game. :wink:


It is nice to hear that you were enthusiastic with your first impression. I hope you enjoy the game and that others do as well.


Very nice, would like searches too, and probably have username search.