Another Tilt Game


How do you get the tilt feature?

@ThunderDrop180 , I am answering your question of where I got tilt. There are two ways. It is in this code link below already installed if you click on “edit”, the tool for tilt (accelerometer ) will show up in the installed “controller” extension set of blocks on the upper left tool box: “controller” . #2 way that I put that tilt tool in the box is to go to ‘advanced’ at the bottom of the column and then click on ‘extensions’ and in the upper left of extensions icons is ‘controller’. That seems strange because you already have ‘controller’ but this will give you ‘extras’ at the bottom of the list and that will now include accelerometer, light, temperature and other blocks. These are analog inputs. I tried to install many of them in this game so you can see them all in action. You could change my hole in one game and use the tilt extension for your game. I hope this helps, please ask more questions if you have any.

Thank you! i wasn’t going to make my own game but i just wanted to know