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Tilt Maze ; thanks AlexK, with PyGamer is good Arcade: Video

Video of a Tilt Maze adapted from AlexK Maze from 2019. Code is in the description of the video;I switched out sprite moves with buttons to accelerometer which works with simulator and Adafruit PyGamer: check differences in code for the two of them. Not so good with Meowbit. We also added ‘story’ to better interface with the player for instructions. Also used K.Pederson’s utility to import Google image beach ball into Arcade as a sprite.

can i send you mine i am new here

Yes, I would love to see anyone’s game. I like to give credit to a person who makes a new game or extension.

Your ‘clicker’ works great for me ! I will try it on my Meowbit too and see if it works as well. Your ‘long text’ is good for instructions and I found “Story” extension works too, and has the cool typing sounds effect .

what is that

Story is the extension in the code link that i posted here: clickerWithStory1.

no what is a mewbit

you can download your game to Meowbit and play it away from simulator which is what you are doing, simulator, on a computer or on a cell phone. See our youtube channel for what we are doing with Meowbit;
Videos here:

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