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Anyone wanna help on an anime game (demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba)

so i wanted to make a demon slayer type game and it’s okay if you don’t know what it is i can tell you or just watch the anime or read the manga!


i can help


ok you can help with art or if you don’t want art you can do the map or the music or whatever you want!


what is the game about i will try the music :notes: i got words on it


well you can go to youtube and search “demon slayer intro song” and demonslayer is separated it’s demon slayer but it’s ok

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I am still working on the game, but for right now i want to add some custom characters so if anyone wants a custom character reply and post an image of what you want your character to look like, i’m still working on mines.

Should my character have blue eyes? or black with gray?
Screenshot 2021-06-15 1.44.06 PM

what eye color?
  • blue
  • black with gray

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This guy from genshin, but with brown hair. And slightly darker skin.

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Nice! now this will get more challenging! :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face: :boom:

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Btw, do you want to be a pillar if so which one? maybe the stone pillar, it kinda fits for you and also the water pillar fits.

I think i’m actually going with black with gray.

But i want an eye color that matches the crow style like this :arrow_down:

What are all the pillars?

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We got the stone pillar, mist pillar, love pillar, flame pillar, water pillar, bug pillar, sound pillar, and snake pillar.
but if you want you can create your own pillar…like the creation pillar!

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Spryzanium pillar? Spryzanium is just like a crystal sturcture with red gray white yellow, purple and black. So it wastes energy when moved or held in position. It is basically indestructible unless electrically charged.

And also if you want to be a pillar you must be part of the demon slayer corps and if you want to be part of the demon slayer corps you must wear this.

Also do you want to be human or demon?


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Or can I be rouge :wink:

What do you mean by rogue? are you talking about a rogue ninja?

Just someone who is not on a side, and just does what they please.