Makecode Metroidvania!

Greetings, fellow forum user!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Hey, it’s that guy who never finishes any of his ambitious game projects and just goes around the forum talking random stuff.” NOT ANYMORE!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything significant on the forums so I’m thinking of developing a Metroidvania game with the users of the Makecode Forums as its characters!


So the idea is that we have the protagonists (main character/s, a little thingy that follows the main character, minor characters that help the main character (mentor, ally, etc)) and antagonists (bosses, mini-bosses). That’s kind of the cast. There will be some base-level enemies that you guys can help suggest and create art for. But for those who don’t know, Metroidvania is a game genre where you need to backtrack in order to find a power-up that allows you to proceed through your journey.

Here’s the game link:


Please answer the poll so I can see who will join the cast of characters. After the poll closes on April 30, I will finalise the character roster so people can send in a picture of their character and give some basic lore for them and their role in the game (boss, the main character, etc).

I don’t want to base this on a first-come-first-serve basis so I decided that if there are multiple contenders for a single role, the submission with the most likes would be accepted. So this all depends on you guys (and me. I get a say in this too)!

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I want to note a few things:

  • Yes, I will be making the final art in the game, but not the concept art (except for my own character). This is so all the art in the game is consistent.
  • I won’t make the story. I’ll give a template story that follows the structure of a Metroidvania, but I won’t create the actual story. That’s for you guys!
  • Everything decided by you guys is most likely going to be like-based. That means the post with the most likes will be accepted if there are multiple submissions. I don’t want this to be something I made, but something we made. Everyone will be able to get themselves into the game in any way they want to.

How would you guys like to help?

  • MUSIC!

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If there is a lot of people joining (idk 7-10 people?), then after the poll ends, no new submissions can be made, sorry. But if very few people answer the poll (1-4), I can definitely make some exceptions.

Everything seems very vague right now because my brain isn’t functioning that well, but if you need to clarify anything, feel free to ask! (I probably missed a ton of stuff I wanted to say or I messed up what I did say).

I’m also slightly busy with my own Godot project/s but I’ll try to put some bigger focus on this project!

Oh, by the way, once you guys finish the story, you guys get to give name suggestions for the game (or just keep it Makecode Metroidvania) and everyone will vote for what they think is the best one!


Woo! hyped for this!


I won’t be here all the time but I can help whenever I can.


OOOH! can you make me a small robed Grimm Reaper? Or a scare-crow?


Tbh. I wasn’t expecting a note.


I wander who else is making a game like this. Would love to help when I’m not busy on Red-Line. this does sound a lot like what Red-Line is though.


real hype!!


what submissions ? is it joining or submitting the projects?


hi, let me know how i can help


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Wow, 15 people joining!

Anyways, here is the roster!


  • Main Character [Player] (Available)
  • Mentor (Available)
  • Ally 1 (Available)
  • Ally 2 (Available)
  • Ally 3 (Available)

Neutral Characters:

  • NPC 1 (Available)
  • NPC 2 (Available)
  • NPC 3 (Available)
  • NPC 4 (Available)
  • NPC 5 (Available)

I want to note the Neutral Characters are supposed to be characters that don’t have an allegiance. A Neutral Character may attempt to stop or help the main character during their quest (depending on their motives), but they won’t be aligned with the Antagonists.


  • Final Boss (Available)
  • Miniboss 1 (Available)
  • Miniboss 2 (Available)
  • Miniboss 3 (Available)
  • Miniboss 4 (@personalnote)

Rules on submissions:

  1. 1 person = 1 submission for each role. So technically, one could send in 14 submissions.
  2. Design the character however way you want. No limitations. Just be mindful that it has to be designed in a 16x16 or 8x8 box.
  3. In terms of character mechanics and lore, I know everyone wants to make a character that is really cool and powerful, but please note what role you are submitting the character for. If the character is meant for a miniboss, don’t make them like a 10-foot-tall monster with 4 machine guns on each arm. And they have 4 arms.
  4. I know I said no limitations but again, be mindful of the general theme. A Western cowboy doesn’t fit that well in a sci-fi laboratory, does it? I should probably ask for theme suggestions now.
  • Sci-Fi (Metroid, Lasers, etc)
  • Fantasy (Knights, Dragons, Fairies, etc)
  • You suggest! (because i have no more ideas)

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  • If you guys think me slotting myself into a random spot on the roster is unfair, then yeah, one could send in 15 submissions and I’d have to do the regular submissions like everyone else. If you guys are chill with it, cool, I’m a miniboss now. Once I get your confirmation, I’ll post my submission (is it still considered a submission??).

The list will update every day. People can start giving ideas for the story and the theme of the game (e.g. sci-fi, fantasy, etc).


Submissions mean the characters you submit for the roster. So basically, now it’s not possible for someone to say hey can I join the roster? Because I already decided the 15 roles.

I already sent the message regarding submissions like 13 hours ago as of writing this post but the moderators haven’t approved it yet. Probably because it’s too long…


we can use my sprites i made if we do fantasy…


I can make music!


I can support but I don’t need a thing from me in it, @personalnote my slot can be whatever you need as a filler for story or to balance character/boss types out. I’m fine just maybe being mentioned in the credits. If possible maybe make mine neutral but do whatever you need, it’s your game.



His name is Shifter a dark Knight whom has the ability to control reality itself!

1.Yes he is alot like a scythe! (no he is not Death)
2. He fights with a scythe that becomes sickles when thrown
3.will open portals to miniboss fights
4.I have end boss dialouge!

Sprite art:

End boss Dialouge:
Shifter: So…your the hero whom has deserated my creations!
[Hero’s name] Stop this! There will be now more tryany…NOT FROM YOU! (jumps to slash him) (screen turns to the inverted color scheme and back to original) (sevral times)
[Hero] ?!! What…what is?
Shifter: YOU FOOL! i will not feel remorse…not when they have to BURY YOUR CORPSE!!!
(Shifter lunges and the battle starts)

After the battle:
shifter: H…How?? No man, no beast, has ever felled me before! You…You must be…Mmmmm…
Hero: Whom?
Shifter: I created these creautures not to plauge the land…but search for someone I had lost long ago…my [son daughter other]…but, ahh! never found them…I belived they had left my world to…to seek one…one like you…one who could finnally end my burden…My burden of protecting this gate…That Burde is now yours…
[Hero] I must…Must gaurd this world?
Shifter: yess…It…it is…(Cough cough) Your…duty…Thank you [hero]…I may finnally reunite with my family…
(starts to fade away) Shifter: Thank you…for freeing me


That’s very thoughtful, but I prefer like say my role is the main character. Then I will design what I think should be the main character fitting to the genre of the game. Just an example, but I prefer letting the person decides who their character will be. If they want, however, they can use one of your sprites. I just want to make sure people have what they want for their character. But feel free to post those sprites! I have a feeling Fantasy will be the theme of the game.

Not gonna lie, it will be pretty difficult in terms of not letting the character designs go out of hand…


This is a template for those who don’t know how to start their character submission.

Name: Insert name here

Role: Insert role here (e.g. Main Character, Miniboss, Neutral Character, etc)

Image: Insert an image of your character here

Lore (Background Information): Insert background information here

In-game Statistics (below are placeholders):

  • Health: 100
  • Attacks (if any): Punch, Kick, Slam
  • Other game stats you want to mention

Holdup…Was mine okay? (cause I posted it before this post :sweat_smile:)


It works, but I’d appreciate it if you could fill out the other information (Lore, In game stats). He looks cool, though!