Arcade Advanced Stream #135 - Brick Busting Pt. 1

Hey folks,

Join @shakao, @darzu, @jwunderl, @livcheerful, and @richard as we make an awesome brick-busting game! This is part one, and we setup a cannon that fires bouncy balls into an array of fruits and vegitables. Next up we’ll add counters to our fruit and progression mechanics! We also debuted two early access extensions: from Joey for doing many things with sprites like calculating angles and distances, and from Richard for creating 8x8 tilemaps in blocks.

Watch the full stream here:

Check out the code below:

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream happens weekdays at 1:00 PM PST on


Great stream, although I missed the first 40 minutes of it :pensive:

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What do these last two blocks do?

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If you right click on any of the blocks from the extension and select help it should give a short description / example of usage

The first block creates a renderable - basically, a thing that will draw on the screen every frame every frame. If you add a draw line and drag screen in as the image, it will draw that every frame.

The second one lets you change a setting which will show the console on the screen if you set it to true (so when you use the console log block under advanced, it will write that on the screen)

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Thanks! I am going to use this and the darts extension to make my game!