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Arcade Advanced Stream #157 - MASTER OF SIMPLE MACHINES

Hey folks,

Join @shakao, @jwunderl, @livcheerful, and I as we make a game about how to use simple machines to bend the world to your will. You can do anything with simple machines. ANYTHING!

Watch the full stream here:

And grab the code below:

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream takes place weekdays at 1:00 PM PST. Now on YouTube, Twitter (@msmakecode), and Twitch (


:v::crossed_swords: levers for life


Im an idiot. I played for like 2 minutes and I made 5 wrong decisions.

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I am so good in this.

Then I thought for a while and then figured it out. This is kind of like Sucromon with nuts and bolts and a human throwing metal items to fix the problem. Smarts


Same here @omnisImperium… Same here…

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