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Arcade Advanced Stream #200 - A Bicentennial Celebration!

200 MakeCode Arcade Advanced streams: A bicentennial celebration

Hey folks!

WOW, we just wrapped up our 200th stream today!
In celebration of this milestone, @shakao, @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @darzu, @hassan, and I played our favorite games from the last 100 streams.

You can watch the whole thing here:

And also make sure you check out our favorites from streams 0-100.

Stream 112 - Gacha Jobs

Vivian - ANIMALS WITH JOBS are so cool. I like seeing all the art, I like seeing the different combinations of different animals with different jobs, I like that the ball spins before I get to see what’s in it — it’s a simple concept but it makes me sooooooo happy

Stream 116 - CATch Some Fish

Shannon - A straightforward concept executed perfectly–this game has a simple one-button mechanic that is still super rewarding to replay and try to top your high score. And the title and exit sequences are incredible!

Stream 123 - Stable Table

Daryl - This simple game about making tables demonstrates how trivial carpentry really is. In all seriousness, this is a great example of a game where you can have a lot of fun even though there’s very little traditional gameplay.

Richard - That’s a table!

Stream 125 - Fastest Dog in the West

Hassan - This game has a lot of personality, I love the drawings of the different dogs you beat on your way to becoming the fastest dog in the west

Stream 128 - Spinning Dishes

Vivian - This game is a feat of human engineering! I like that it is based on skill - how skilled you are at packing a dishwasher to maximize water efficiency. You can try to rotate the dishes to get them to fit into the dishwasher better, but the pressure of always having ANOTHER dish to come might force you to make decisions you’re not proud of.

Stream 137 - Fruit flies when you’re having fun

Daryl - I personally find this game very addicting, and I think it shows how much fun chaotic yet controllable gameplay can be. I also think the unlockable powers add a nice progression mechanic.

Stream 148 - Tower of the Ice Cream Fellow

Hassan - A simple but fun game :slight_smile:

Joey - At first it feels impossible, but if you keep going and get a feeling for it you too can stack ice cream scoops well into the dozens. Challenging but (kind of) fair!

Stream 149 - Flower free fall

Vivian - Is this game fun for other people or just me? I don’t know, but what I DO know is I can’t stop trying to get a higher score D:<. Try to bump the flowers into the matching colored bins at the bottom and gain points. And a bee comes and picks them up!

Stream 146 - Corgipillar

Joey - Simple enough game but a++ concept, really like the corgis different emotions / the end screen

Stream 155 - Hamlet

Shannon - Don’t know much about Shakespeare’s classic literary masterpiece, Hamlet? Neither do we! This game has some of my favorite art along with a very loose retelling of a random scene we picked from the middle of Hamlet. What more could you want?

Richard - Maybe the most fun I’ve had doing a stream? Also make sure you check out our table reading.

Stream 157 - Master of Simple Machines

Joey - This one’s a thinker! Not only will you learn about the power of simple machines, but it may save your life if you ever find yourself stopped a deadly ‘door with no handle’ or a dastardly ‘pile of potatoes’

Richard - Inclined planes forever!!!

Stream 169 - Tony Albatross: Pro Dolphin

Daryl - I think this is the best example of a trick-based game we’ve had on stream, and I love the setting and feel of the gameplay.

Hassan - It’s a lot of fun to build up speed to get as high up as possible while doing tricks. It reminds me a lot of Ecco the Dolphin which I l enjoyed playing as a kid

Richard - I think this might be the most fun game we’ve made, going for high scores is just so addicting!

Stream 183 - Golphers

Shannon - Golphers is awesome but please watch the end of this stream to see Vivian obliterate the game in like three minutes without missing a beat!


I just wanted to thank the Makecode Arcade team @richard @shakao @livcheerful @jwunderl @darzu @hassan for doing these streams and making 200 of them! Watching your streams has made me a better programmer and has allowed me to pass this knowledge onto my students. Here is to another 200!



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