Arcade Advanced Stream #16 - Body Building

Hey folks,

In this stream, @richard, @jwunderl, @shakao, and I kept working on our survival game. This time we added a way to pick up all the crystals, proper multi-fire handling, and a way for Skelly to build a new body!

Watch the full stream here:

And the code can be found below

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Dude that is so cool! I have an idea but it may take to long, but with the extention that peli made (i think it was peli, sorry if i got that wrong) you could make an bad guys, so you would need to find a weapon, (the bone by chance). press (a) to attack, (anim the bone for a swing), then if the opponent is hit, ley lose a life. but then again, it took me 3 min to write this, and i know that will take a long time.

Still a great project, and i would love to see where it will go!


  • Blobiy

Good idea, that’s definitely possible. @peli made a sprite data extension that would make it a lot easier to do this and @jwunderl is making a health bar extension right now that would let you see enemy health. I think this is a great idea for a future stream and I’ll bring it up with the crew :slight_smile:

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Here’s the current test example I’m using for the extension by the way, I’ll post a thread on it when I get the chance to add documentation to blocks and readme:

That sounds awesome! It seems like enemy lives is something we should definitely cover on stream. :slight_smile: Also, we’re always interested in seeing people remix or expand these games, so if you’re interested in modding it we would love to see any additional features or gameplay you want to add!