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Space Guardians

Hi All,

I’ve been continuing to explore Arcade and have made a second game - Space Guardians. The original code came from the tutorial Galga but I added some of my own modifications including a range of enemies including large enemies that you have to hit 10 times to destroy them and cloaked ships that you have to dodge as you can’t destroy them. I’ve also added two reward sprites that give your score a boost or reset your lives but they can appear at any time anywhere on the screen. I would recommend playing with the sound off as I got carried away with the sound effects.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Also I’ve introduced arcade to my class as part of our lockdown computing lessons and they are really excited. We are learning how to code the Galga games tomorrow using the Tutorial.

Thank you!



Very cool! I love the sprites.

As for feedback, you might want to check out the sprite data extension. Taking a look at the code it looks like you are using one variable to keep track of the mothership lives which means all of the motherships share the same health. Using sprite data, you can give them their own lives. We recorded a video on how to do this a few days ago:

Also, if you’re looking for more ideas on how to tweak the game consider these:

  1. Add some enemies with different movement patterns. Here’s a game that does something similar: Blocky Boss Battle
  2. Add powerups that change the ship/lasers

Let us know how the classroom sessions go! We love to hear feedback

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Hello! This is Dmitry, from TinkerGen STEM Education. Our company made a retro gaming console for use with Makecode Arcade, called GameGo . We have also developed a series of free online courses to help our users to get started with GameGo and learn how to make their own video games. Despite the courses are written for GameGo, there is no restriction on use with other hardware or purely in Makecode simulator.
In the course, there is a recommendation section, where we recommend some good games for students to help them learn. We want to include Alfie’s Adventure v5Space Guardians - two games, that you made, in recommendation section. We think they are very suitable as Demo Games for GameGo, because they fully demonstrate the characteristics of Arcade.

We hope to obtain your permission to allow us to recommend your game in the course, and use Alfie’s Adventure v5 and Space Guardians, as Demo Games in GameGo. In addition, we will send you a free GameGo for you to use and create even more wonderful games. Please reach me at for further communication!