Arcade Advanced Stream #19 - Technical difficulties

Hey folks,

On Friday we held a very special stream where @darzu and @shakao both made games! Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties with the recording so we don’t have a video to upload to YouTube. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the last time we’ll be doing stuff like this :slight_smile:.

The prompt that Shannon and Daryl were given was to make a “mystery” game that had to include “hidden clues”. They both did a stellar job and made two very different games! Check them out below.

Shannon’s Game - Unfinished Business

Daryl’s Game

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Ah bummer; I wondered about that stream. Is there an archive/replay on Mixer, or is it just not available anywhere?

Looks there’s something here:

I haven’t watched it yet to see if it’s affected by any technical issues.

Ahh, I looked through that a bit and it’s got some definite… technical difficulties. Rainbow colors / glitchy images. Almost feel like I need to hit a tv antenna somewhere… :frowning:

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@jacob_c we’ll be doing more of these! Fridays are gonna be our “trying out weird stuff” streams. Plus, now we have the thing set up so hopefully we can iron out the problems before next time.

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