MakeCode Arcade Advanced #100 - A Centennial Celebration Stream!

100 Arcade Advanced Streams: A centennial celebration

Hey folks,

In celebration of our 100th MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream, the team got together and picked out some of our favorite games that we’ve made. Check them out below along with comments from @darzu, @shakao, @livcheerful, @jwunderl, and I!

It’s been an absolute blast doing these streams and seeing our forum grow. Thanks you so much for tuning in!

You can check out a video of us reminiscing and playing these games here:

Stream #9 - Falling Bird: International

Joey - “Felt like we made meaningful progress all week working on this, and the hatching animation / movement is one of my favorite things we’ve made.”

Stream #13 - Monkey fait du sorbet

Joey - “The monkey sprite is probably my favorite of the default sprites, and using color replace to ‘paint’ the animals shows a nice way to add small bits of variety to your games (for example, if you don’t want all your enemies to look the same in your game, you can do the same thing with e.g. their shirts to spruce it up a bit!)”

Stream #19 - Coding challenge 1

Daryl - “I love the mechanics in both of these games. And the art in Shannon’s is top-notch!”

Stream #38 - Boss Rush

Shannon - “The minimalist graphics turned out really well, and this game is fairly challenging! It’s also always fun to see the a game that is the combined result of several different coders!”

Daryl - “Great gameplay mechanics and an awesome example of building something larger.”

Vivian - “CLASSIC situation where I cannot beat a game, but man do I want to. All the bosses have different attack patterns, and you’ll have to get good at all of them to win! I still can’t get past Daryl yet :(”

Stream #44 - Wheely Fast Game (FEAT. Todd)

Joey - “Todd is the best character in any videogame. A character select screen is also a useful thing to give an example of (even though it’s meaningless when the only real choice is Todd).”

Stream #45 - Alexander’s Library

Vivian - “I love this one for two reasons: 1. it looks sooooo good and 2. you get to learn history. The cats when they’re shushed, the broken bookshelves, ALEXANDER - everything is so stylish in their black and white. PLUS true to life, there is no saving the library of Alexandria - there is only destruction.”

Stream #46 - Haunted Home Ownership

Shannon - “This game feels totally complete and looks great to boot. It has fun instructions, an interesting world, and harsh-but-fair landscaping critique–what more could you want!”

Richard - “I love this game not just for the amazing title, but also for the sassy ghost that insults your lawncare.”

Stream #50 - How not to TRAIN your rabbit

Shannon - “Our 50th stream milestone! This game is HARD! It’s super fun to play and the challenge makes it that much more rewarding when you win.”

Stream #55 - Time Flies when Greg is Gardening

Daryl - “I love how the growing, sleeping, and tool pickup mechanics worked out, and it didn’t take that long to make!”

Stream #60 - mount 'em goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaats!:goat:

Shannon - “Goats! This was the first stream where we (or @livcheerful, pioneer of the movement!) crowd-sourced sprites from the team! It resulted in an awesome game–I love seeing what goat will show up next!”

Vivian - “Everybody on this stream contributed their own goat, which is what makes it beautiful! Sure, you want to stack them well to see them get tall, but you also want to stack them POORLY to see them explode.”

Richard - “I really wish I had been here for this stream. I love drawing goats.”

Stream #63 - haber-DASH

Richard - “Of course I had to pick the hat game. I also find it incredibly satisfying to see that conveyor belt filling up with hundreds of hats towards the end.”

Stream #68 - Bartholomew finds his way

Vivian - “What mystery! What intrigue! Bartholomew finds his way isn’t your typical game, but the mystery of a locked computer and some random notes makes you want to know more.”

Stream #77 - SUCROMON

Daryl - “My first encounter with monster-capture games! Very enjoyable to level up the SUCROMON.”

Joey - “Monster collection is the best. Also just bringing into existence a game I thought of years ago (november 2018!) and kept getting distracted making extensions for instead of actually making.”

Stream #81 - Supermarket Sweep!

Richard - “Making this game was defintiely one of the most fun streams I’ve participated in. The game is great, and I got to figure out the prices of a bunch of household goods.”

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced Stream happens weekdays at 1:00 PM PST on


Happy!! Uh 100th game anniversary for the live part I guess?

Congratulations on 100 streams, friends! So pleased that all of you are putting so much time and effort into creating these very cool games in real time and into sharing and interacting with the community.

I’m going to spend some time this holiday weekend indexing and cataloging all of your streams (along with @peli 's Arcade Beginner Live streams) so that visitors easily can find videos for topics with which they need help. It’ll be a good distraction for me in between writing sessions. :slight_smile: Stay tuned on that.

Here’s to many, many, many more successful streams! Thanks for an excellent product and for supporting this community! Sending love and well wishes from the upper Midwest. Stay safe and stay healthy!




This is actually fun! I made it to the boss,Daryl
I like playing old games.

This is fun! I had reached the boss,Daryl

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