Arcade Advanced Stream #205 - Horticulture Game Pt. 4

Hey folks!

Join @shakao, @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @darzu, and I as we keep working on our gardening game! This time we added a day/night cycle so that our plants can grow and our garden can slowly disintegrate into disrepair. We also spend a lot of time talking about gold stars which I am definitely tracking very closely.

Watch the full stream here:

And grab the code below:

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Another suggestion, you can use points to hire other crows that do specific tasks like till the land or water it. They just wander around using (@jwunderl’s I think) pathfinding algorithm, searching for land on which they can do their tasks.

I have a suggestion if you continue developing this game. Procedural generated chunks. Chunks can be in different biomes, and each biome would have new plants and other farmable objects, related to that biome.




  1. the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.

Uh huh…

@richard I want to see a spreadsheet/list. :joy:

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I’m afraid that data is confidential to protect the privacy of all gold star holders.


@omnisImperium we are going to have the ability to have helpers farm for you but we’re actually going to do it with plants instead of crows

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