Arcade Advanced Stream #235 - Fashion Show!

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Join @shakao, @jwunderl, @richard, and me as we make a game about designing a T-Shirt! Use the thread to cross stitch your design, and then watch it get walked on the run way. BUT there’s a secret twist! Joey was coding an extension in the background – try out hard mode and see if you have what it takes to design clothes.

Watch the full stream here:

Check out the code below:

feat. this clip from @Local_momo

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how do i use hard mode? because i can’t make a design and i just can’t figure it out


!!! hard mode is a “threading the needle” simulator – you have to line it up perfectly before going through the hole >> it’s cruel


This simulated game appears very different on my machine depending if I am in “click on your share code link” vs. in "edit " mode. In the first case there does not seem to be a hand nor a needle hole to thread through. In the ‘edit’ mode there is a hand and obvious needle hole but the up/down arrow movements are so extreme, in easy, that thread cannot be aligned to hole–ever. (on my computer- have not yet tried it on game console). We work with kids ages 10-12 in Arcade; they have learned to use ‘story’ extension to explain their games/objectives/play methods. Might including ‘story text’ help with this project ?

Now thats perfect!


I got the string into the needle 3 times

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its is cruel but… i passed!!! and also the arm kinda looks like a foot lol i really like the game can you and the rest of the team make a update or do a similar game like this?[poll type=regular results=always chartType=pie]

  • yes
  • no

hahaha yes of course! we did do a similar one in the pass that’s spray paint themed, but I’m sure we’ll make another one too XD if we did an update, what would you like to see?

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haha yeah our games usually always need more instructions. if we do another stream for this game I’ll add some!

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well on the new update you can maybe add dog shirts that you can design and put it on them and the you can also design different stuff like a purse or a hat and also add different levels or something similar to that but can you pls do an update video?

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love the design! i made a heart design but i didn’t take a pic…

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