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Arcade Advanced Stream #250 - Mini Game Spree!

You’re in the cake bakery! You’re in the spaceship! You’re in the combination cake-bakery-spaceship! Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @riknoll, and I as we make a series of minigames where you must bake a cake and steer a spaceship at the same time.

Watch part 1 here:
Watch part 2 here:

Check out the code below:

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream takes place weekdays at 1:00 PM PST. Now on YouTube, Twitter (@msmakecode), and Twitch (


250 streams!!! WOOOOOOO


Halfway to your goal! :slight_smile:


i can’t steer that one time i crashed into a person…im just kidding i’m just kidding i’m just kidding! because i own those small cars for kids that they can drive around so whenever i drive on it i sometimes crash…and whenever i try to whisk how do i whisk it’s like it froze or something because i keep pressing all the buttons but nothing works!

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yasssssss let’s celebrate but how?