Microsoft MakeCode

Arcade Advanced Stream #339 - #343

Stream 339

Richard, Shannon, and Hassan work on the egg minigame for our breakfast tourney! Aren’t you glad I didn’t put any egg puns in that?

Stream 340

Vivian, Richard, Shannon, and Joey make a character selection screen! Also it’s a platformer game. also part 2 is here lol

Stream 341

Joey, Shannon, and Richard make the start of a boss fight! Press A to slash and B to dash.

Stream 342

Vivian, Richard, Shannon, and Joey make a game where you have to be good at counting and adding to 21, and if you are, you get a sticker :slight_smile:

Stream 343

It’s an art stream with Richard, Vivian, and Shannon! Richard finally gets to draw a dog with a grudge.

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