Arcade Advanced Stream #38 - Boss Rush Finale

Hey folks,

This week on the MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream we’re making boss battles! Join @shakao, @darzu, @jwunderl, and I as we make the final challenger in our boss rush game.

Watch the full stream here:

…and below is the stitched-together game from all of our boss rush streams!

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Dang that’s really hard but very fun! I think we should cross-post this to the make Arcade category. I think folks will really like this! Maybe with a link to each day’s stream

I don’t think we should cross-post all of them, maybe we can occasionally do a “best-of” post that collects the games we make on stream that we think are good?

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I agree, not all of them. An occasional best-of summary post sounds like a great tradition to me.

But I also think this boss one is so good and deserves its own post.


Daryl keeps killing me! Daryl Throw is so hard especially when you get pinned at an edge.


daryl vs daryl, the final showdown


I have killed daryl. Then vs ???