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Arcade Advanced Stream #399-401 - Randomly Generated Platformers Edition :)

Stream 399

Join Vivian and Richard as we start our first day of making an exploring game! We work on basic level generation this time

Stream 400
Shannon, and Joey as we continue our Spelunky game! This episode we add snakes as enemies, a whip attack, jumping on heads, and lives

Stream 401
Join us as we keep working on our Spelunky game! I don’t remember what we did here because it was LAST YEAR so you’ll have to watch to find out :slight_smile:


Is it just me or are the links not visible?

oh no! can you see the…video thumbnail??

Yea I can see the thumbnail.

I can, but i think @omnisImperium is talking about the codes?

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OH LOL that’s because i forgot to add them ty!!! i’ll edit the post

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Hehe thanks for the code now!

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