Arcade Advanced Stream #407-411 - Cats, Museums, and Cheesecake

Stream 407

Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, and I as we make a calculator game!

Stream 408

Join @livcheerful, @shakao, and I as we keep working on Auto + Ollie! This time, we take chat’s suggestion of making the game two player and add a new puzzle mechanic

Stream 409

Join @livcheerful, @shakao, and @jwunderl as they make a mad-libs game of a cucumber fighting a cheesecake! We made a boss battle!

Stream 410

Join @shakao and I as we start making a card game! Is this game doomed to not go anywhere? Probably yes.

Stream 411

Join @shakao, @livcheerful, and I as we curate a museum exhibit of wonderful works of art!

This one has contributions from @Lucas_M, @gideonmayhew, @Kiwiphoenix364, and more!