Microsoft MakeCode

Arcade Advanced Stream #402-406

Stream 402

Join @richard and @shakao as they force their cats to be best friends in a puzzle platformer!

Stream 403

Join @Richard, @Shakao, and @jwunderl as they work more on Auto + Ollie! This time, we added some new mechanics and adorable sleeping animations courtest of Lucas

Stream 404

Join @Richard, @shakao, and @jwunderl as they work on a Radar display!

Stream 405

Join @richard, @shakao, @jwunderl, and Lizzy as they play through some of the best submissions to the MakeCode Arcade Climate jam!

Stream 406

Join @richard, @livcheerful, Hassan, and @shakao as they work on a leaderboard extension using JavaScript!


when page with all of the submissions and honorable mentions for the game jam? :stuck_out_tongue: