Arcade-mini-menu extension


Hey folks!

I’m pleased to announce a new extension: arcade-mini-menu! If you want to try it out, open the extensions dialog and search for this repo:


This extension allows you to add menus to your game. Some of its features include:

  1. Menus that can be used as sprites (with all the blocks in the Sprites category)
  2. Support for both text and icons
  3. Automatic scrolling when space is limited
  4. Flexible menu layouts including single-column, single-row, and an x-y grid
  5. A wide range of menu style options to match the look and feel of your game

Here is an example program that shows off how to use it in a few different ways:

All of the blocks should have help pages. For more info, right click on a block and select “Help”.

If you find any bugs or have any feature requests, please file them in the repo or just @ me in this thread. Just like my other extensions, once this has had a chance to be tested for a few weeks I plan to move it over to an official Microsoft repo that will show up in the default extension list. Please let me know if you have any feedback before then!


P.S. you may have head of the old menu extension, riknoll/arcade-custom-menu. Don’t use that one anymore! This one is way better.


Cool glad to see this out on the forums.

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Wow this menu will be so helpful


It’s also a bit more complex than the other one

Hi, @richard. For some reason in selected item text is invisible. I tried various color combinations. Do you see what’s problematic?

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@bosnivan that’s definitely a bug! Thanks for reporting!

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Should I open an issue on

yes! i’ll try and get it to it in the next week or so.

It’s not urgent. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to have an option to change the default style for all menus, so we don’t have to repeat the style code for every menu we create? (and then unset options for all created menus in the future will inherit the styles)

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@bosnivan fixed!

@UnsignedArduino hmmm… let me think on that


@UnsignedArduino wish granted:

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hi @richard thanks for showing this extension this is very helpful for making games and remakes of games that extension is dope and epic

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This menu is certainly helpful!

@richard is there a was to set the style of a certain index in a menu? Like making the color red if an option is disabled and green if it’s enabled?

@Sarge nope, not right now. Let me think about it though!

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@richard is it possible for their to be personal menus for multiplayer games so each player could have their own individual shop, or so the menu will only pop up on one players screen not all of them when the menu is activated?

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I’m afraid not, each player always sees the same screen as everyone else. There is no way to bypass that restriction today.

You can, however, create 4 menus! As part of the styles on menus, you can set the width/height so that they don’t infinitely grow.


how do you create games with menu selection, so you can select different choices?