Arcade on Micro:bit, Video demo with program link. New:bit by Kittenbot

This shows that an Arcade game in MakeCode can be loaded onto a BBC Micro:bit (experimental) and played on hardware console Newbit by Christina at Kittenbot in Shenzhen. The video is a sort of an unboxing and review; Newbit does work with a nice bright display on the standard Arcade TFT screen.


Thanks for your sharing.

BTW, I found a issue, maybe little or big. It looks like something wrong on Jacdac on backside.
According to Jacdac spec, pin order should be D G P from left to right, and the D pad should shorter than others.
In this video, jacdac at backside printed PGD order(wrong), but the left pin is shorter(that’s right).
So be careful. Maybe should measure them before use, to make sure only silk-screen printed wrong, instead of pins connections either.

@AqeeAqee , do you have a cable ? That is the next step. I do not have one. I hear Newbit is not supporting JACDAC now, maybe later. We should find all hardware available so we will be ready when they release support. Yes I think the screen print is wrong for labels , not the actual pin pads because on the front the short pad on the left is labeled D for data as it should be… I will ask Christina about this on Facebook Kittenbot. So, thanks for that, good catch ! Also, my channel on YouTube shows several simulator videos for JACDAC and the simulator is very, very good. This will be great when it comes online ; maybe later this summer ?

Sorry @frank_schmidt I don’t have either.
Actually, to confirm this, you don’t need a jacdac cable, just measure the JD_PWR pin voltage(should be 5v I think) with a multimeter. Or measure whether connected between pin JD_PWR backside and the JD_PWR on the other side.

Video, two kids playing Arcade game on Micro:bit using Newbit today at the coffee shop coding and at the library coding.