Arcade Sprite Pack - moving image copies it

I absolutely love how this tool works (, it is super handy for importing .png files, creating sprites as resources or as a MakeCode project. Sometimes I have images that are not all the same size, so for an animation I need to make the dimensions equal. So if an image is smaller than another, I move the image towards the center x position and place all images at the bottom of the editor.

There is a small bug that I have found using the Marquee Tool. When selecting an image to move to a new position, the tool seems to keep a copy of the original image where is started from. These were the steps I took:

  1. Import a .png file
  2. Resize it making it bigger.
  3. Select the boundaries of the image and use the Marquee Tool to move it.
  4. When letting go of the mouse, it makes a copy of the image that was at the original position.

I see this behavior in Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and Microsoft Edge (Version 87.0.664.66 (Official build) (64-bit))

I can always edit the images later in the Arcade editor (where the Marquee Tool works as expected), but I would be nice to have the images all the same size and ready as an extension to import into my game.

Does anyone else notice this behavior? If so, I hope someone can fix it. :ok_hand:


Ah, thanks for the details (and also double thanks for filing it as an issue!)–this is a problem with the auto-save we’re doing to sync the current image (in the sprite editor) with the “saved” image in the right preview bar. It’s autosaving every second or so and if you have pixels in a marquee it just commits those. I’ll look into getting it fixed in time for this next Arcade release!

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