Are there API lists?

I’m using MakeCode for both the adafruit board, and the Cue robot. For the life of me, I can’t find an API document of the javascript functionality for either.

Is there a way to pull this out, perhaps?

There is documentation at: or The JavaScript/Typescript is a 1 to 1 reflection of what you do in blocks. For example, IO you do from pins for input and output by analog or digital read/write, and serial for serial based communication as a UART.

Note: I am not familiar with the Cue robot but I would expect some of this is available as an extension or specific implementation, so they have their own documentation? Either way, toggling between the Blocks and JavaScript would be the simplest option… and rely on the . (dot) to explore the API from the editor.

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Nothing that I’ve found for the Cue robot that’s similar to the adafruit link you provided. (and thanks! :+1:)

It seems like the IDE should be able to auto-generate an api, given that it knows all the blocks/JS.

I wonder if there are config files that map the blocks to functions? Adafruit is online, so that might be impossible to find, but Cue is a downloaded MS win10 app.

We don’t publish the cue app, we just provide the editor. For a list of those apis your might need to contact wonder workshop.

Also, our blocks are generated directly from the javascript. The “source of truth” is usually either in the editor repository or in pxt-common-packages which is shared between most the MakeCode editors. There are no config files to find, I’m afraid.