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Custum arduino pxt-makecode editor

Hello! I’m just a beginner and I’m developing my master’s project: “An Arduino-based biolab”. I was wondering if it’s possible to create a pxt-makecode editor with my own blocks and describing my own Arduino outputs. If so, how should I start? I would be really grateful with any support/help/tip. Thank you!!

MakeCode does not support the Arduino software stock sorry.

However the editor also support plenty of “maker” features like pin io, i2c, SPI, etc…

I see… and does PXT allow the modification of the back-end to build a custom local editor for arduino boards?

We support various M0 based arduino board but we don’t support 8bit MCUs or Arduino libraries in general.


Hi! MakeCode maker allows working with different devices and sensors, some of them are already supported in the platform and others can be added by using and creating the extensions, right? My question is: Can any kind of devices and sensors be added to MakeCode Maker by using the extensions? Thank you!

Another question, which is the most complete and modern MCU (or the top 3 MCUs) to create different kinds of projects in MakeCode?Thank you!

Board cannot be added as extension for the moment. You need to send us a PR to add it to maker. Accessories can be added as extensions.

Really depends on your project.

With the chosen board I would like to control 5 different modules:

Centrifuge: It can be done with a ServoMotor.
Gel Dock: Blue LED transilluminator board or similar
Incubator: Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855, some heating bulbs, temperature sensors
Thermocycler: High-power resistors control, a fan and another Thermocouple Amplifier
Fridge: Thermoelectric Cooler Module.

Which board do you consider the most appropriate one to control these modules in MakeCode? I guess I will need to add some extensions on the way.

Thank you!