Asteroids 1979

Hi all! This was my attempt to make a somewhat-faithful reproduction of the original Asteroids game, or at least a start toward that goal. It’s unfinished, but is playable!

Even though the code is JavaScript, it is still very hackable. If you open it in the editor and look at constants.ts you’ll see a bunch of config settings you can change, like:

  • Ship size, speed, color, friction
  • Rock sizes and speeds, colors
  • Number of initial lives
  • Number of initial rocks
  • And much more

Try messing with them! Even minor changes can make it feel like an entirely different game.

Some unfinished things:

  • Sound effects
  • Saucers
  • New life at xxx points
  • High score screen
  • Authentic ship explosion (current one doesn’t match original)
  • Player 2

This is great @eanders ! It downloads and plays on all three consoles that I have Meowbit, PyGamer and BrainPad. Noob question: “open it in editor and look at constants ts”. I don’t see that option on my machine. What am I missing? In editor I see one line of code in JS. If I switch to Python I get error messages. If I switch to blocks I see only one block. "explore’ gives me nothing. Just curious how to see your code ? Thx.
PS… we can move sprites on one Meowbit with button press on another Meowbit using SD Wireless chip so would your Asteroids be a good candidate for experimenting with that and 2 player, like the old JACDAC system ? 1979 was a good year for me !

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my high score is 3400! or it was something close to that i forgot

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I knew someone would do this eventually.

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Thanks @frank_schmidt! What happens when you click on “Explorer” underneath the simulator? It should expand to show a list of files, including constants.ts:

Networked multiplayer in Asteroids would be very interesting! It would be a departure from the design of the classic game, but doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attempted :). It would be straight forward to add multiplayer to the underlying (very small) game engine.

thanks @eanders , none of those tabs show up on my ‘normal’ screen, I have to scale it down to 80% in order for those to appear above “Download”… .the problem with multiplayer via Kittenbot SD Wireless, as I have said before on this forum, it breaks the simulator when the command blocks are added to the code; the extension does not mess with the simulator but the code does when added ; so I do the programming for game first and watch simulator and then add SD Wireless code before downloading to hardware. It would be nice if this could be fixed.


mine is 6450