Auto-scroller racing

I’m trying to make an auto scroller in racing for 2 players. Any idea why my “auto-scroller” sprite is not working

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I used an invisible sprite

How did you get it to move?

When you’re debugging your programs, it’s often useful to remove transparency or invisibility. I turned off the invisible flag on your scroller sprite so that I could see what was happening and what problems you might be encountering. Now that I can see your sprite, I can understand better what’s happening:


Your sprite is trying to turn the corner here, but when it does, it bumps into your spectators, so it cannot go any further.

Try forcing your scroller sprite into the middle lane and see if that fixes your problem.

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That means that I have to move it to the middle lane in order for it to move?

I left this topic on for 28 days and I never got a response

That would be the first thing I would try, yeah. You’re probably still going to have some issues (e.g. I believe your cars and your scroller sprite are turning too early), but that should at least get you started.

Good point. I’m bad at keeping secrets.

Try to fix using an ext,

pxt-waypoint-ext repo

The root cause of scroller got stuck at corner is that it is not turned in the center of the corner but the edge of it.

The ext only turns the sprite when it’s close enough to the center of a waypoint and make small alignments before turning.

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I fixed it at some point so I’m good with it but thanks!

I’ll use the extension and try it with the game

Pretty cool alignment extension.