Awesome Kid DEMO

Got bored in summer break and decided to make a game like super mario and other games
It’s only a demo but it is playable
i don’t know which day i will launch the final version but it will launch

A or Z to jump
B or X to shoot
WASD or ARROWS to move
and W or UP to interact with things


This is so cool! Great job!


I love this game! It’s one of the best platformers out there on the forum! I only found one mistake and that is that the spikes don’t damage you.


I know, i’m already solving this.

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AWESOME pixel art! I like the world map. its nice and simple, like the one in my game (New Super Mario Bros Arcade) was intended to be, but it is a little bit clunky and complex lol. GREAT JOB. I like the level design and I’m bad at level design so I haven’t gotten far on that part at all in my game.


Thanks, the map in the final version is gonna be too much big


I’m already doing

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Here is a sneak peak of the game


Idk actually im working on other things

im think im going to quit the project or someone else can do it

  • quit
  • someone do it

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I do not want ether. This is a really good game, and the way you did it was really good, and all you have to do is make levels which is the easy part

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yeah but it lags my pc

That has happened to me on run and jump 50 levels but a solution to that is to claps the string that you don’t use

Can you send me what you have so I can find ways of making it not as lagy

the version actually is the demo cuz the project i was working was deleted

WOAH, THIS IS AWESOME! I really love it!

i got you my guy