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New Super Mario Bros Arcade V0.7

This is a project that I started working on a long time ago. I’m still working on it and I used the Mario sprite from New Super Mario Bros DS to draw my Mario sprites and it took DAYS to make the sprites.


Looks cool! But anyway how should I win this game?

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Wow! The walking animation is REALLY good! Good job!

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Animation fixes:

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Thanks for the comments! Also instructions. In opening screen use left/right/a to chose character. Then you will be in a world map when you cross over 1-1 the character will say 1-1 and you can press A to enter 1-1. get to the flag and then touch it (don’t press A while you touch the flagpole, or it will start 1-1 again. It’s a glitch), and then you will be back in the world map. Then 1-2 will be unlocked. go to 1-2 and press A … It just keeps going from there. The castle (1-4) is not done yet though.

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BTW how to win level three

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Its not finished yet :frowning:

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ok then I will have to wait right?

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Yeah, but I’ll have 0.8 out soon (maybe this week or next week)

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It’ll probably come out later as I haven’t really been working on this project because I’ve been working on Runaway 2d (a remake of the Run. flash game) and Runaway 2d just had its 2.0 release.

New Super Mario Bros Arcade will probably have 0.8 out in a couple weeks, if school starting isn’t too busy

I’m sorry to say, this project has been canceled due to inefficiency in coding and me not working on it a while. I was going to have a big update come out with an airship coming out of nowhere on the third level and a big boss fight then finally, a castle, but I’ve forgotten most of the ins and outs of this code, and while I was working on it before I got distracted, I redid the physics engine. It’s not fully polished because I didn’t fully polish it before I stopped working on it, but its mostly polished. Here’s 0.7.1 with a brand new physics engine, using acceleration instead of gradual velocity changes, and it includes wall jumps. If anyone wants to work on this project, they can, but it’s an inefficient mess with NO code commenting.

I might entirely recode this game with the same sprites if I feel like it in the future, but more efficiently, but for now this is my last revision. If anyone wants to finish it they can, but I’m done.

This is great! I like the walking animation and using acceleration to move feels more natural. Right now all of your code is a single file, which as you found can be difficult if you don’t come back to the code for a while. If you code in Javascript, you have the option of moving code into different files. All the Physics code would be in one file for example, makes it easier to understand if everything is broken down into smaller pieces :slight_smile: .

yeah, but the whole program is just a mess, and I’ll probably end up starting over, but keep the sprites and some physics. I don’t use JS though.

Here’s the sprite sheet and I might start remastering the game soon.