Ayo I’m making Mario kart

I’m making Mario kart can I have some help we
Need a programmer a artist tester and hope fully more if I can think of more

2D or 3D ?

can i be a artist

I made a basic mario kart but it’s hard because makecode isn’t powerful, so it doesn’t really support textures and it is only half the resolution because I only know blocks and the code is inefficient because I’m manually rendering all of the pixels in blocks which doesn’t have some features for drawing that JS has. This is pretty much the best I could make in blocks though (I probably could do better if I knew Trigonometry, but I am just using basic math for this project).

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can i be a tester

It will be 2D

How good are you at making a Mario?

Well jeez that’s cool

Yes game dev

it will be a little iffy

Ok may I see some of your art?

Im pretty good at pixelart ngl i can help if needed ;D

it is small so you can edit it and click on the image https://makecode.com/_HUoLWdaKsYKy

I made an image of mario. https://makecode.com/_cAE0qK1q6XKg

Ok can I see you make mario in a kart is that fine with you

Hmm ok ok I will think about it ok if you do not get a response in four days than your not in artist four days so far it’s a maby

That’s great

I m programmer and computer science teacher

Oh cool

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Yes you can be artist